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Privacy policy

At we take the personal privacy of our visitors very seriously. You have a right to know what personally identifying information about you we collect, how we are going to protect it, and what we will do with it.

Privacy policy controller

The person responsible for our privacy policy is Donald Fletcher of 120 Bark Street Bolton BL1 2AX who can be contacted by

How we collect personal information

We can only collect personally identifying information that you provide us with voluntarily. This may include your name, address, email address, telephone, and any other information that you choose to give us.

Security of your information

Any personally identifying information that you provide us with will be stored on our computers in encrypted form. No person other than the owner of this website has access to the encryption keys.

How we use this personal information

We use this information in order to reply to your queries, and possibly for follow up messages if these are necessary. If the message you send us is in the form of suggestions or complaints about our website we may use this information in order to alter or improve our site.

How we will not use personally identifying information

We have an absolutely zero tolerance of spam. We will not make any attempt to use information that you provide us with in order to send you unwanted marketing emails or permit any other person to do so.

Transmission of personally identifying information to 3rd parties

We will not voluntarily transfer any information about any visitor to any other person unless:

Apart from these exceptional circumstances we will not sell, rent, or otherwise provide any personally identifying information to any other third party.

How we process personally identifying information

We have no mechanisms for processing information of this kind and do not foresee ourselves ever doing so.

Your access to your information

You may ask us at any time to provide you with a copy of any information that we hold against you. If the information is incorrect you may insist on us altering it. If you do not wishes us to continue storing this information you can ask us to delete it. We will do this within a reasonable time provided that you give us evidence that you are the person to whom this information refers.

Non-identifying information that we collect

Server logs provide us with information about anonymized visits to our website. This information helps us to improve the quality of our website and make it easier for visitors to use. None of this information can personally identify any individual visitor and we do not make any attempts to tie this information to any personally identifying information that we do possess.

We do not share server logs with any other person.

Unsolicited requests for information

It is easy for dishonest persons to send emails which purport to come from websites such as ours. These emails are frequently fraudulent. We will never send out emails asking for any person information, including login codes, and if you receive any emails of this nature you should treat them with the utmost suspicion and not provide any information unless you are 100% sure that it is necessary, and that the request for it was genuine.

Links to other websites

Our site may contain links to other websites whose content we feel may be of interest to you. We neither endorse nor control these websites in any way and they have their own privacy policies. You should not assume that these are the same as ours and you should read through them to make sure that you find them acceptable.

Changes to this privacy policy

Since the Internet is changing constantly it is almost inevitable that we will need to change this policy in the future, without notice. You should therefore revisit this page on any subsequent visits to our site.

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